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LinkedIn is the #1 source for B2B lead generation. Why?  Examine the following facts:

LinkedIn is a database and business engagement tool for over 450 million business persons.

61 Million of LinkedIn members are Senior level influencers and 40 Million of them are decision makers.

To show the power of LinkedIn, marketers across the globe see conversion rates 3X higher with LinkedIn sponsored Content than with Google Adwords. And 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms.

This is why 80% of B2B Leads come from LinkedIn! And 66% of B2B marketers rate Linkedin as the best social media platform.

source: LinkedIn   source: ContentMarketingInstitute

That’s Right! People spend their time on other social networks, but they invest time on LinkedIn.

Another reason that LinkedIn is the best lead generation tool for B2B social media leads is that over 80% of leads generated through social media for B2B marketers come from the social media platform.


And look at the number of conversions per social media platform. LinkedIn clearly dominates!

source: Kissmetrics study

LinkedIn leads

Replicon Study Shows LinkedIn messages can deliver a 11x better response rate than other contact methods.

And look at these stats!


Conclusion regarding LinkedIn Leads: Clearly LinkedIn is unmatched as a B2B lead generation platform. If you know who your ideal customer is, they can be targeted here. And this is great news for you, WHY? Because we can manage a lead generation program that will deliver a stream of hot and qualified leads who will want to talk to you about your product or service. And we can put them in touch with you by LinkedIn messaging, phone, email and marketing funnel or website. And that is exactly what we do!

Lots of people using LinkedIn that we are in contact with report that they have not been successful with their use of the social media platform. When asked what they are doing, that often say that they are having someone scrape email addresses or phone numbers and contacting business professionals by those means. Why does this not work?

Cold Contact Lead Database Services

PRO: These type of services scrape the Internet collecting names, contact information, and sometimes product specific usage information or projections. They sell measured access to their database and some even provide a cold email and calling function to reach out to leads.

CON: LinkedIn provides you with more pertinent information and features to connect, contact and nurture the relationship before you speak for the first time. Nothing else compares.


PRO: These types of service providers will cold-call companies on your behalf to set appointments for you. Even when you get to the appointment, you are still not certain the prospect is qualified and this type of lead generation program can be expensive and possibly damaging to your brand.

CON: LinkedIn tools and services can be used to farm leads from qualified prospects and used to get them to connect with you. Then you can cultivate the relationship and get them to contact you via phone, email, calendar meeting or email. Once connected, it is no longer a cold lead, and will result in much more successful results.


PRO: by accessing various lead database services, you can acquire email addresses for many leads who are targeted by industry and company.

CON: While email works, the response rate for cold email is much lower than it is for leads that you have connected with on LinkedIn. In addition, you can use the messaging system in LinkedIn to reach out to them as well as email. You can export your hot and warm leads and follow up via email while continuing to use the social media platform to nurture your prospects until they become warm or hot.

Others have tried unsuccessfully to use LinkedIn from their own profile
and have become disheartened because they have had no success.

Do it Yourself LinkedIn Leads Generation

LinkedIn provides a tremendous amount of information and training on how to get LinkedIn leads from qualified professionals. It does work if done properly. However It is very time consuming, and filled with constant change. How much time, money and effort do you want to spend to learning how to do this successfully? Keeping up with changes in platform and how to do this type of marketing successfully alone is a daunting task. In addition. honestly it is not a one person job even for the highly trained individuals. It takes a team of people to do this successfully for just one LinkedIn profile. Most business professionals need to spend their time closing lucrative deals with a calendar filled with hot prospects rather than loading themselves up with the management of this type of task.

What Then Is the Logical Conclusion Regarding LinkedIn Leads Marketing

Find a partner for your business that has developed a system, that turns your LinkedIn profile  into a lead generating machine and will provide you the service “100% Done For You”!

Introducing Managed Agency Leads

We help businesses grow their customer base, revenues and profitability by generating a steady stream of quality leads from the group on LinkedIn that is your Ideal Client. Then we help you cultivate the relationship with them to the point that they are ready for your sales team to interact. This can be done for a single individual or an entire sales team. Why is this important? Because lead nurturing will magnify your results!

With some lead cultivation and follow up, The LinkedIn leads will be ready for you!

Source:  (The Annuitas Group).

That’s why we help you turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation and cultivation system!

How do we do that?

Step 1 – LinkedIn Profile Optimization

With over 450 million users, you need to ensure your LinkedIn profile is seen and stands out from the crowd. Your profile then becomes your opportunity to actively engage with your audience and build your professional brand.

We help you develop your Linkedin profile into a tool that will help you stand out from the crowd and that will position you as an expert in your industry and market you as someone who deserves to be noticed!

We do this by taking the time to understanding your background, craft your unique professional story in a manner that engages your audience and compels them to reach out to learn more.

We Utilize a conversational, narrative approach with your LinkedIn profile that will provoke confidence and credibility while show-casing you as a high level professional.

This will help you to:

  • Tell Your Story
  • Get Discovered
  • Build Your Professional Brand
  • Connect with your ideal target prospect
  • And companies that need your expertise

As a result of having a LinkedIn profile optimized in this manner, your powerful presence the social media platform will help you to drive prospects to your sales funnel and business opportunities to your door. Of course this is only the beginning of our services. What till you hear the rest!

Your LinkedIn profile is an incredible asset to your professional and business development when used in this way! Make sure you take advantage of this aspect of our service so that you can take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and turn it into the POWERFUL lead and sales generation tool that will spotlight your skills, experiences, and value proposition PLUS impresses your network of connections.

In addition, A LinkedIn Company pages allow you to spotlight your company on LinkedIn. It provides you  a centralized hub where users can stay up to date on your company news, products & services, business opportunities, and job opportunities.

We can also help you create, design and optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page so that your company is portrayed in the best possible light! This will build your company’s professional brand and magnify the opportunity for potential business deals and sales revenue.

Then We Drive Traffic To Your Optimized Profile

You are only allowed a certain amount of marketing activities per day utilizing your profile. It’s a “use it or lose it” proposition.  So we take full advantage of this opportunity to utilize LinkedIn to the full for your b2b lead generation purposes. In addition, its important to note that if you are not targeting this activity correctly, then you won’t produce optimum results.

With this in mind, we help you refine your message so that it will get the best results possible. And we provide an “all on deck” approach to take full advantage of the marketing activities that are allowed each week day of the month and on an ongoing basis. In this way we are able to get you daily connections added to your profile from the ideal prospects that you have identified that are in the LinkedIn database. You are allowed 30,000 connections with your personal LinkedIn profile, so this becomes quite a valuable asset to you over time. You have heard “the money is in the list”? This becomes your personal list for you to utilize to further your business over time.

In addition we have follow up systems that engage with your newly acquired connections and help to develop relationships and articulate your value proposition and valuable solutions to them over time. In essence we set up a system that engages with your ideal prospects day in and day out and cultivates and nurtures the relationship with them until they are ready engage with you!

Wait there’s more

Within LinkedIn there are further opportunities to drive traffic from interested prospects to your personal profile or company page. Part of these involve SEO or search engine optimization within the social media platform. We position you to take full advantage of this valuable tool. This generates further traffic to your perfectly optimized LinkedIn profile and then into your sales funnel.

As this process gathers steam, we are able to fill your calendar with hot leads that enable you to spend your valuable time closing deals from hot leads. As long as you are using Managed Agency Leads, you never again have to worry about how you are going to reliably and systematically grow your business like you have always wanted to.

How Quickly We Deliver Results

As soon as we begin the process of connecting you with your ideal; prospects, you must be ready. Within days you will will need to start nurturing and engaging these new budding relationships with conversations that can lead to business or referrals. some clients have begun getting results in as little as 48 hours. Results can happen fast!

Our Managed Agency Leads service offers you 100% “Done for You” lead generation solutions that will accelerate your LinkedIn lead generation without spending any more time – except to answer your additional phone, emails, messages and calendar meeting requests.

They will also make your sales process more efficient by enabling you to:

  • Qualify your prospect using their LinkedIn profile before you invest in time or expense in marketing to them.
  • Create and nurture a relationship with a qualified prospect before you spend any time and money marketing to them.

We provide you with our special LinkedIn Lead CRM tool, score the leads for you, and in this way deliver all your daily and ongoing lead activity directly to your desktop. This way you can spend your time doing what you do best. Closing deals and making money!

Who We Are

Phil Belleville, our CEO, is a Digital Marketing Expert with 25+ years experience. Phil has based his business on providing value at every step. As a result he has helped countless businesses to double their annual gross revenue or more during his 25 plus years of service to clients. Phil has experience in lots of industries including B2B, Business Consultants, Service based as well as Consumer Oriented Businesses. Learn more about me at:

Based in Omaha, Ne., Phil Belleville has helped businesses worldwide expand their businesses thru value proposition and funnel creation, traffic and lead generation and sales training since 1996.


The Science Behind Our Art

In this way we cover all the bases. We provide you with:

  1. An optimized landing page (your LinkedIn profile).
    1. And additional sales funnels to maximize the results from your personal profile if you wish!
  2. We Drive Traffic to your optimized profile and funnel.
  3. We nurture and develop the resulting relationships into hot leads.
  4. You Convert the hot leads into revenue/profits (conversion)

Again, this is an all hands on deck approach and casts a huge dragnet for you to capture an ongoing and steady stream of leads from your ideal prospects.

And all this is ‘100% Done For You’ with Managed Agency Leads.

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